inner secrets
we can only guess
concealed, hiddenness
asked to be seen
but never totally to reveal

Maybe even more important than beauty is mysticim. Someone or something may be very beautiful, it is very well possible Louis Nagelkerke feels no urge to paint that person, landscape or object. That has to do with a lack of mysticism. Mysticism Louis finds in Bali where everthing seems to be covered in a mysical haze. Mysticism he also finds in the Netherlands, mainly in dance, theatre and with musicians.

For Louis there is no border between the mystical world and daily life. That is probably the reason he feels so much at home in Bali. The artist lives, during his stays in Bali, as in the Netherlands, with mysticism. It is a dimension he loves, a world he feels comfortable with. It is this mysticism he searches for in a model. As he puts it himself: "Sometimes a woman can be very beautiful, but I feel no urge to paint her, because she lacks the mysticism another, maybe less beautiful person does posses."

You will have noticed that Louis Nagelkerkes favorite subjects for his paintings are people. During one of our many conversations he told me he is not interseted in painting landscapes or objects. That is because those things are available for us every day, every moment. If you want to see a beautiful tree, you only have to step outdide an take a look. What Louis wants to achieve is to catch a certain moment, an emotion, a movement or a stagnation. In short, to catch the mystery. And this mystery he finds mostly in people. A woman with a special blink in her eyes. A child totally focussed on it's own world. A musician who concentrates himself on his instrument and the sound he is producing. A dancer who becomes one with his own movement.

This kind of moments have a certain mystery. A mysticism we may be part of occasionally for only a short while, but we can never totally understand. It are exactly these kinds of moments Louis Nagelkerke tries to catch on canvas.
Dr.Pamela Eshuis