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Curriculum Vitae Louis Nagelkerke

  • born February 3, 1949 in Eindhoven
  • Education in ceramics, window dressing, drawings and paintings
  • Well known since the 80's through many exact portraits
  • His paintings are unique through the expression of mysticism and sphere. His inspirations Louis Nagelkerke finds almost through his vivid relation to the eastern culture and people. Musicians and dancers, especially from the wonderful island Bali. Besides that his paintings are also influenced through the theatre.
  • Louis is an outstanding artist and always openminded for new ideas.

Articles and publications in

  • Tableau
  • Indonesia Magazine
  • Teken en Schilderen
  • Woonbeeld
  • Sinar
  • The Art of Living
  • Bedrijvigheid in de Kempen
  • Illustraties voor Dorp en Dessa
  • Boek Bersama
  • The art of living - >> Download