Smoke gets in your eyes
    Mata Hari


Artist / Book

Curriculum Vitae



Louis Nagelkerke (Eindhoven, 3 February 1949) is trained in ceramics, drawing and painting.

Since 1980 he works as a professional artist. During the first years of his career, he mostly painted portrets on demand, but gradually his free work became more and more important. Louis' most important sources of inspiration are the rich culture of Bali, theatre, dance and music.

The conversations I have had with Louis Nagelkerke during the last years, demonstrated time and again that three notions are very much of importance to him, as well in his work as in his personal life. These notions -motion, beauty and mysticism- are knot together as well as bounded to all aspects of his life. That is why I have build up this text around these three conceptions.

The paintings of Louis Nagelkerke are strong enough to speak for themselves. In this book, the pictures of his art are therefor most considerable. The text however might help you to understand something more about the inspiration sources and motivation of this artist.